Redesign for Products Ranking Page & Campaign Site
Shopee is a leading e-Commerce platform across southeastern Asia. As a UIUXer, I want to dive into this heavily life-involved app, and figure out how the experience has been set up to be so intriguing. Therefore I decide to redesign for 2 topics as following:
1. Products Ranking Page (Top Products)
2. Campaign site (Super Brand Day)
Products Ranking Page

Phase 1. User Research
According to the interviews of 3 close friends who have been stably buying on Shopee every week, I found they skip the Top Products feature all the time. When I asked them to go through the feature, some liked it, but some didn’t, which also unveiled 2 pain points:
Phase 2. Interview Insight
Phase 3. HMW
According to the previous research, how might we (HMW) ...
Phase 4. Solution
Phase 5. Mockup
Phase 6. Prototype

Campaign site

Phase 1. Identifying Goals
Quite a fundamental rule to apply on any e-Commerce pages. Especially for a campaign site, it’s clear to set up a journey that feels like shopping through the streets. However, as the consumers start to feel bored, supposing to consider 3 aspects of the trigger could stop them from dropping out the page.
Phase 2. Analyzing the Behavior

Games, direct discount...etc, anything that require only a few steps to win the benefit are usually eye-catchy and highly interactive, which can highlight the primary promotion.
Price leads the way, and quite dominates all the final purchase decisions. It will be wise to highlight the discount information above all, and remind the consumers all the time.
The characteristics of consumers are highly diversified, and it will be thoughtful in providing different paths for consumers to navigate to their ideal products.
Phase 3. Wireframing
Phase 4. Mockup
Phase 5. Prototype