Form Page Design For Second Hand Automobile Platform
An international automobile firm was preparing to launch a second hand online platform, in order to integrate the main existing services. The services hightlighted the features of completing quality evaluation, online reservation, post-sales services, etc. All the services started with filling an online form survey, and my role is to design the web page for customers to fill in the information smooothly.
Project Manager|Wright Lin
UX Supervisor|Gibo Liao
Developers|Ogilvy Data Martech Team
UI Design

Phase 1. Understand the client brief and clarify the information structure
To kick off the service for each automobile owners, it was important and inevitable to walk through the details of the car itself. Therefore, the filters and the inputs required were plenty, and it might end up feeling annoyed while filling the form or even drop off during halfway. In order to make the experience much user friendly, I divided all the inputs into two main divisions which depended on the service package that the owners need.
Phase 2. Reconstruct component structure through wireframe
As the inputs were divided, the users needed a more comprehensive interaction to aware which package they had chosen, as well as having a better understanding of the website structure.
Phase 3. Deliver UI mockup and prototype
Phase 4. Features trade-off
Due to the tight schedule, the developers had to apply a more agile way to construct the web page, therefore, the progress bar interaction was eliminated.
Design process completed less than 5 days
1+ cross functional meeting

7+ media release after service launched →
Launch official site →